Dosti se pyaar

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Tu hai mera dost,
Tu hai mera yaar,
Fir akhir tumse hi kyun,
hoo jata hai ye pyaar?

Kitna mein khud se kehta hoon,
Ya khud ko samjhate rehta hoon,
Itna safar jo kaata hai,
Khud ko rokhkar bhi uspe hi chalte rehta hoon.

Samjhata hoon khud ko kaise,
Ki tum nahi sochti ho aise,
Jane kyun bhala fir bhi yeh dil na mane.
Na jaane ye kab, kahan aur kaise

Dil kehta hai ke agar dost ho fir kyu,
Kahi jyada mehsoos karta hoon tumko,
Pyaar ka naam lekaar,
Dil dard deta hai mujhko.

Roj tumhare sapne dekhta rehta hoon,
Tumhari baton ko khud se hi kehta hoon,
Tumhare chupe hue ishaare samajhte samjhate,
Achaanak dil se yeh kehta hoon.

Tum bhi toh chahti ho mujhko,
Fir kyun nahi kehte ho tum ek bar,
Dost the hum magar,
Tumse hi karti hoon mein pyaar.


Rain down….

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Rain, rain down on me,
Take my sorrows away with you,
Let my tears flow with your drops,
Mix them and make me blue.

Heal my mind, heal my soul,
Heal the sorrows and whatever more,
The one who was here is gone,
Leaving my heart with more than it can store.

Please start the thunders,
I want to cry,
Make it so loud,
That nobody would hear what I would try,

Rain, rain down on her,
The one who said she loved me and she was mine,
And once she got a bigger shoulder to cry on she was gone,
Leaving broken heart, memories and sign.

Make her realize that people are not clothes at the store,
That you wear one before and then try one more,
Hearts are not for playing with,
The once you break today, will come back for more.

Rain, rain down on him,
Make him realize and go through what I have been,
If she can break my heart for someone bigger,
Then surely shes a gold digger.

Breaking hearts is a hobby for her,
Here today, tomorrow gone further,
The girl who can make you cry can break you brother,
Just remember shes with you, soon there will be another…

Someday a day will come,
When you too will be singing this song,
So my friend I am doing you a favor,
Writing this for you already, so sing along….

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow……

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Not such a perfect day,
Today is it?
You are not with me,
Where are you?
You are with him today,
Sharing your time, that used to be mine.
But you weren’t gonna be with me
Hadn’t you told me this before?
That I’m not yours and you aren’t mine
And the time we spend together isn’t fine.
So here I am sitting with my guitar and my song book.
Waiting for a new rhyme, a new song in my heart.
But nothing comes other than a sad tune, sad start

Not such a perfect day
Yesterday was it.
You were there,
So near that you were.
Yet so far.
Sitting, holding hands like nothing was there.
Singing songs together, watching movies.
Spending beautiful time together.
But you were the one and I was not.
And that’s good enough to say, maybe not!

Tomorrow will be a perfect day,
That’s what I know.
You will be with me again
And love will show.
We’ll be sitting together in our house,
Singing along loudly and nothing ever goes wrong…..

मला सांग….

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तुझा राग तुझा राग,
लावे माझ्या हृदयात आग.
तू अशी रुसून का बसली,
आधी ते मला सांग….

हो केली मी थोड़ी मस्ती,
बोललो मी काही चुकीचं.
नाही केलं हवं होतं मी ते,
पण एवढी मोठी शिक्षा का देते, ते सांग…..

वाईट नाही गं मी एवढा,
करतो मी गोष्टी चांगल्या मनाने.
पण नाही होत सर्वं काही मनासारखं,
तुला तर माहितंच आहे ना, ते सांग

नाही बघू शकत तुला अस्वस्थ,
कसा राहू तुझ्यापासून लांब,
प्रेम आहे माझं तुझ्यावर,
तुझं नसेल तर, ते सांग…..


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What is this pleasure of creating ear-deafening noise?
What is this pleasure of making others bear your choice?
What is this way of celebration of creating so much pollution?
Isn’t so much waste and hazard already there?

Why is there a need to burn crackers and bombs?
Why is there a need to shoot rockets so long?
Why is there a need to cause toxic and make life tough?
Isn’t mother earth’s condition already bad enough?

Lets all make a decision, a commitment,
Rather than to just talk about saving our planet and building green,
Let’s remember what this festival stands for,
Celebration of the victory of good over evil and the uplifting of spiritual darkness

Lets just spend a noiseless diwali,
With pretty lanterns and rustic diyas,
With lot of sweets and beautiful smiles,
A diwali to celebrate, love and share,

Rather than burning money and creating waste,
Why not burn the greed and evil inside us,
Why not save that money and help the poor,
Then a lot more of us would smile for sure!

Best friend

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My friend,
You are my best friend,
You are the one who knows me from the start,
You are the one who knows me by my heart,

You have always been busy,
But for me always you have been free,
Your care is always been all that i did need,
And for your happiness always to God Ill plead!

Over these years we’ve got so close,
Shy before, now we’re always ready for a pose,
Seems like we were never far away,
So close to each other’s heart but never astray!

The times we’ve spent together,
Will be some of the best times in our lives,
Meeting up for fun and good times,
Will never be the same again with other ties!

Though today we are far away,
But from our hearts we are close to each other,
And perhaps thats why they rightly say,
Friendship is the true bond that connects you to anoother!

You are the one who brings so much joy,
You are the one who i always look out for,
You are the one who loves me the best,
Thats why you are my best friend!

Plant some trees

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Hey you my brother,
hey you my sister,
lets all come together,
lets plant some trees.

Why do you need me,
To tell you to plant some trees,
Its cause you dont realize the need,
trees are something that will feed,

They give us fruits,
They give us flowers,
They give us wood,
They give us paper,

Trees give us so much more,
Than we will ever know,
They not only give us shade,
But also they give us a life that will never fade.

Trees give us breeze,
They give us warmth so that we never freeze,
They hold our soil and our earth together,
Oh without trees we will never live forever,

Trees give us air to breathe,
The pollution that we make they cease,
They stablize the dust thats caused,
Planting a tree a year will keep the end paused,

Planting a tree makes you smile,
Watching it grow from a small to high as a mile,
The fruits it will give you are the suture,
To all the cracks you and me have caused for our future,

Trees are a gift we give ourselves and our future,
Its a forever growing being that will cater to all our needs,
Plus it will make the earth clean and green,
Isnt it a good enough reason to plant a tree?