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New adventure…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2011 by asongfromtheheart

A start of a new adventure,
going to a place I dreamt of,
place where the approach to life is new,
people analyzing you are few,
the place where music is loud,
nights are full of fun loving crowd.
place where football isnt just a game,
and life isnt just the same…

A new start, a new begining,
of things which i hoped i would reach,
getting a new view of the the world,
things it could teach,
a new stage in the game called life,
where its not just about money, career or wife,
where it isnt about where we reach in the time we spend,
just the place from where we started,
what we learnt in this journey before the end…



Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2011 by asongfromtheheart

Why are we all in a hurry?,
everyone always ready to scurry,
why dont we just be merry,
rather than always have to worry,

lets try to take life a bit slow,
it isnt stupid to lay low,
though there isnt too much time for us,
but there is enough for us to just flow.

take time to look around,
dont just run with the crowd,
though life has become a rat race,
it remains our choice how and what to face,

spend some time by yourself,
see why and where you are going,
looking at life from other end,
will make aware of what we choose and what we spend…