When love meets love its real love,
When love meets care its there,
When love meets hatred it isn’t fair,
When I see you, love is everywhere,

Signs tell us that things are meant to be,
Forever the love between you and me,
No matter whoever comes to be,
The power of our love is all they’ll see.

People enter our lives,
Wanting you or wanting me,
They wanna get the chance of loving us,
But without each other we can never be.

Everytime that we get together,
There is no distraction, no bothering ever,
Lying in each others arms,
With dreams of the future and beautiful moments forever.

Things change and life changes,
Though some things become strange,
God has given us each other,
To love, live, cherish and never change.


6 Responses to “Love”

  1. janhavi bhawsar Says:

    too good

  2. rashmi bhat Says:

    lovely yaar… very well written 🙂

  3. good one bro 🙂
    nicely crafted words…

  4. Archana Kamath Says:

    Too goood yaar!! :))

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