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When love meets love its real love,
When love meets care its there,
When love meets hatred it isn’t fair,
When I see you, love is everywhere,

Signs tell us that things are meant to be,
Forever the love between you and me,
No matter whoever comes to be,
The power of our love is all they’ll see.

People enter our lives,
Wanting you or wanting me,
They wanna get the chance of loving us,
But without each other we can never be.

Everytime that we get together,
There is no distraction, no bothering ever,
Lying in each others arms,
With dreams of the future and beautiful moments forever.

Things change and life changes,
Though some things become strange,
God has given us each other,
To love, live, cherish and never change.



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Waiting for the right person,
Waiting for the right time,
Waiting for things to change,
Waiting for the new signs.

Waiting for better opportunities,
Waiting for the tougher challenges,
Waiting for the void to fill,
Waiting for the bigger chances.

Waiting for substantial growth,
Waiting for profits to soar,
Waiting for life to be like my dreams,
Waiting for the golden stream.

But waiting is just a waste of time,
Cuz one thing that I must realize,
That what we always need in life,
Is most probably always there.

We think that we don’t have this,
We think that we want that,
But be sure that God knows,
What you want the most right now,
He has already sent it there!

Dosti se pyaar

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Tu hai mera dost,
Tu hai mera yaar,
Fir akhir tumse hi kyun,
hoo jata hai ye pyaar?

Kitna mein khud se kehta hoon,
Ya khud ko samjhate rehta hoon,
Itna safar jo kaata hai,
Khud ko rokhkar bhi uspe hi chalte rehta hoon.

Samjhata hoon khud ko kaise,
Ki tum nahi sochti ho aise,
Jane kyun bhala fir bhi yeh dil na mane.
Na jaane ye kab, kahan aur kaise

Dil kehta hai ke agar dost ho fir kyu,
Kahi jyada mehsoos karta hoon tumko,
Pyaar ka naam lekaar,
Dil dard deta hai mujhko.

Roj tumhare sapne dekhta rehta hoon,
Tumhari baton ko khud se hi kehta hoon,
Tumhare chupe hue ishaare samajhte samjhate,
Achaanak dil se yeh kehta hoon.

Tum bhi toh chahti ho mujhko,
Fir kyun nahi kehte ho tum ek bar,
Dost the hum magar,
Tumse hi karti hoon mein pyaar.

Rain down….

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Rain, rain down on me,
Take my sorrows away with you,
Let my tears flow with your drops,
Mix them and make me blue.

Heal my mind, heal my soul,
Heal the sorrows and whatever more,
The one who was here is gone,
Leaving my heart with more than it can store.

Please start the thunders,
I want to cry,
Make it so loud,
That nobody would hear what I would try,

Rain, rain down on her,
The one who said she loved me and she was mine,
And once she got a bigger shoulder to cry on she was gone,
Leaving broken heart, memories and sign.

Make her realize that people are not clothes at the store,
That you wear one before and then try one more,
Hearts are not for playing with,
The once you break today, will come back for more.

Rain, rain down on him,
Make him realize and go through what I have been,
If she can break my heart for someone bigger,
Then surely shes a gold digger.

Breaking hearts is a hobby for her,
Here today, tomorrow gone further,
The girl who can make you cry can break you brother,
Just remember shes with you, soon there will be another…

Someday a day will come,
When you too will be singing this song,
So my friend I am doing you a favor,
Writing this for you already, so sing along….