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Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow……

Posted in Poems on June 28, 2011 by asongfromtheheart

Not such a perfect day,
Today is it?
You are not with me,
Where are you?
You are with him today,
Sharing your time, that used to be mine.
But you weren’t gonna be with me
Hadn’t you told me this before?
That I’m not yours and you aren’t mine
And the time we spend together isn’t fine.
So here I am sitting with my guitar and my song book.
Waiting for a new rhyme, a new song in my heart.
But nothing comes other than a sad tune, sad start

Not such a perfect day
Yesterday was it.
You were there,
So near that you were.
Yet so far.
Sitting, holding hands like nothing was there.
Singing songs together, watching movies.
Spending beautiful time together.
But you were the one and I was not.
And that’s good enough to say, maybe not!

Tomorrow will be a perfect day,
That’s what I know.
You will be with me again
And love will show.
We’ll be sitting together in our house,
Singing along loudly and nothing ever goes wrong…..


मला सांग….

Posted in Poems on June 28, 2011 by asongfromtheheart

तुझा राग तुझा राग,
लावे माझ्या हृदयात आग.
तू अशी रुसून का बसली,
आधी ते मला सांग….

हो केली मी थोड़ी मस्ती,
बोललो मी काही चुकीचं.
नाही केलं हवं होतं मी ते,
पण एवढी मोठी शिक्षा का देते, ते सांग…..

वाईट नाही गं मी एवढा,
करतो मी गोष्टी चांगल्या मनाने.
पण नाही होत सर्वं काही मनासारखं,
तुला तर माहितंच आहे ना, ते सांग

नाही बघू शकत तुला अस्वस्थ,
कसा राहू तुझ्यापासून लांब,
प्रेम आहे माझं तुझ्यावर,
तुझं नसेल तर, ते सांग…..