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Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 by asongfromtheheart

What is this pleasure of creating ear-deafening noise?
What is this pleasure of making others bear your choice?
What is this way of celebration of creating so much pollution?
Isn’t so much waste and hazard already there?

Why is there a need to burn crackers and bombs?
Why is there a need to shoot rockets so long?
Why is there a need to cause toxic and make life tough?
Isn’t mother earth’s condition already bad enough?

Lets all make a decision, a commitment,
Rather than to just talk about saving our planet and building green,
Let’s remember what this festival stands for,
Celebration of the victory of good over evil and the uplifting of spiritual darkness

Lets just spend a noiseless diwali,
With pretty lanterns and rustic diyas,
With lot of sweets and beautiful smiles,
A diwali to celebrate, love and share,

Rather than burning money and creating waste,
Why not burn the greed and evil inside us,
Why not save that money and help the poor,
Then a lot more of us would smile for sure!