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Mother, my mother, there is no other,

You are the best there is and there can be no other,

You give us so much love, care and bother,

I don’t need no friend, any sister or brother,

You work, you earn, and you do so much more than others,

That’s why you are more successful and most hardworking mother,

Today is the day you are supposed to grow older but you are another,

So each day you keep growing younger,

I wish you always keep shining, more often than rather,

Because you are simply the best ever mother!


Our first date

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Our first date was so much fun,

We went to that movie on a run,

One of my favs the fast and the furious,

The third sequel which made me so curious,

We bought the tickets and waited for time,

The theatre was empty, worried if going there was a crime,

We had our snacks and looked in each others eyes,

The empty theatre was a blessing in disguise,

But soon the crowd poured in, in a line,

Made me feel that maybe that empty theatre before was fine,

We went in and the movie started,

having you next to me I was so heavy hearted,

Such a beautiful girl, with a pretty little face,

With a mind so pure, watching movie and the race,

Just didn’t understand, who should I watch,

The movie on the screen or the movie from your eyes,

I was holding your hand in my hands,

Feeling so warm with your touch,

It was like a connection of love that is passing through us,

Don’t know how the two hours went,

The movie was over and we were on our way again, back to the car and on the road,

We went to the sea side and wishing today it should rain,

We got down and took a nice walk,

We wud go on and on there’s always so much to talk,

Talking and walking we went back and sway,

Wishing that today I get some reason to stay!

Before we realized the day was getting over,

You had to go up home, and I had to stay lower,

Although sad to depart we had to wait,

Cuz this was the end of our very first date!


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They say our democracy is the world’s largest democracy,
But we experience it everyday, its all hypocrisy,
We elect our leaders, they say, but what we for vote never comes in effect,
Cause there is nobody to choose from, what sect, what dialect,

Demo-crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,

From the people, by the people, to the people,
So who stands up should be we people, but there are no we people,
It’s just the selfish view people, whose only job is to screw other people,

Demo-crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,

They use brute force to win the elections,
Destroying all that comes in their way or direction,
For getting their victories they spend money in millions,
But the country goes back everyday in billions

Demo-crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,

They loot, they scream, they spread riots,
Cause that’s the way of feeding their diets,
They kill us with their words and their actions,
Yet we vote for them again in search for new directions,

Demo-crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,

The good people want to stay away from it,
Leaving it for the bad people to hit,
Cause for them it’s a complicated rat race,
Though skilled, eventually they would be humiliated or killed.

Demo-crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,

Democracy is a crazy way of selection,
Where leaders are only seen a few months before the real action,
It’s a once in five year dissection, of choosing the worse from the worst,
That we call an election!

The tree

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When dreams don’t come true,
There’s nothing more to do,
Just sit around,
And wait for something to go through,

Travel from here and there,
Looking at all, just face the stare,

Finding a right path to life,
Search for something to call it a night
Looking at the less fortunate to get the right,
To call ourselves one more in the fight,

But fight isn’t just for you; it’s all a big family,
A family of people who are all trying to climb the tree,
The tree of wealth, the tree of success,
A tree that makes all the climbing worth the fee,

Climbing to the top aint easy,
You get kicked from top, pushed up side to side,
It’s a fight where you can’t run or hide,

You fight back; try to kick someone’s back,
Try to reach his position, try to hack,
Some hold on, some fall,
Make place for somebody else to call,

But not everyone realizes when they climb the tree,
It’s not about reaching to the top; it’s about being free!

Being free from the indifference, wanting to make a difference,
Wanting to change the world, to change your existence,
You competing with everyone who’s in your way,
But it don’t matter, cuz it’s all in the day’s play.

Some shayari!

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Kya kahu tumhe tum phool ho ya kali ho,
Muskurakar tum humesha hi chali ho,
Lehrati hui, khushboo failati hui, tum toh sada hi khili ho,
Phool toh kuch samay mein murjha jaate hai,
Dhoop mein kuch samay mein suukh jaate hai,
Magar tum toh suraj se humesha mein hi mili ho,
Shaayaad isiliye tum jaroor ek pari ho!

Pyaar humne humesha saccha kiya hai,
Jo bhi kiya hai, tumhare hi liye kiya hai,
Tumne jo chaha hai, woh humne ek pal me diya hai,
Fir bhi tum kehti ho ki, tumne humara dil nahi liya hai?


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When a heart breaks, the pain is felt by both,
The one whose heart is broke as well as the one who broke it!
The condition is like one in conjoined twins,
two bodies but one soul!
Although not physically connected,
this connection is greater, stronger!
The bond that was created,
isn’t there any longer,
things are completely different,
the person who you used to spend so much time with,
both physically and in your thoughts,
isn’t there any more, there is just another person,
one who looks like the same?
but suddenly he or she is completely different!
It’s like they have changed instantly.

Love is weird, or maybe the love I’ve seen was!
It was there, not so long ago, or is it?
But what happens when there is a break up?
Is the love gone?
Is it like the Newton’s law of motion?
It says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed,
just transferred from one form to another!
Does love work the same way,
it cannot get created,
just transferred from one person to another?
Do you have to? Or does mind do is for us?
Transfer it to somebody else.
Just say, Oh I’m sorry, but that person wasn’t good enough,
or I didn’t know him, or best as yet, that was just an infatuation or a crush or puppy love! Then what is real love?
Is love transferable?
Can we share it between many people?
If we stop loving one person,
does our love towards others increase?

I believe that undoubtedly the purest or greatest of the love has to be a mother to a child!
She takes so many pains and faces troubles to get the child, bring it up, and see him or her bloom.
Then it should be the benchmark for love isn’t it?
Do you love somebody as much as a mother loves her child?
if not your love isn’t good enough, or best to say it really isn’t love.
Are you ready to take so many pains and face problems for that person, are you ready to forgive that person each time he or she makes a mistake, are you gonna take his side every time somebody points his or her mistakes?
Now it makes sense doesn’t it?
Quite easy to evaluate,
whether who we love,
or what we think is love,
is really valid to the truest sense of the word.


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The times we don’t meet, those times are so sad,
We get so frustrated we feel so damn bad,
Just sitting at home or sitting with our friends,
Trying to enjoy, but just cant take those bends.

Missing each other so much, we try to look like happy,
Waiting to meet others in dreams, so we take a nap eh,
Those dreams are so pretty cuz we are there together,
No matter what the place, we are with each other forever,

The dreams are so beautiful, they seem so true,
You are with me and im with you,
Then something changes and suddenly we are awake,
Trying to to get back to sleep we turn and we shake,
But sleep don’t come so soon, still it’s for the best,
Cuz only when we wake up, we can meet at rest.